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I had originally put this as a reply under Carlo's post on bandits and antagonistic behavior but am realizing now it would be better off as it's own thing so that critters don't have to parse between what he said and what I'm trying to say and can comment on it appropriately. If a moderator wishes to delete my other post under his that would be appreciated.

Full disclosure I had intended Bragus to be a somewhat "Bandit Prince" character and perhaps still will be. Making friends and charming his way into situations until his fighting prowess and resources were enough to start asking for "protection money" from critters and maybe convince others to help him despite his nature. I have found it hard to do such a thing for multiple reasons, mainly that everyone has been so kind and I'd feel bad! The biggest culprit other then social aspects though is the Looting system.

    The Looting system: I found out that when downing someone that you can't just take what you want off of them as you wish. This was incredibly discouraging as between the stamina it takes to down someone and the stamina it takes to have a chance to take something off their body you would be left in a constant annoying tug of war of the character picking themselves up and trying to get away or fighting back, without you yourself having the stamina to give chase or fight back. I mean think about it if they manage to get enough stamina to land one lucky blow on you after you just barely knocked them out then that makes a rather awkward and frustrating exchange. 

Seeing as how this games community is pretty good at following the code of conduct and has a pretty active developer/moderator presence I would personally rather not have the looting mechanic be a roll of any kind or at the very least not cost the person looting anything to do so other then the roll itself being random, seeing as how they already won the fight/chase and deserve the spoils

As a solution to this I'd recommend that at the very least the looting player can see the downed critters inventory and that perhaps if the devs really do intend to keep the struggle mechanic in the game, that the looter can at least pick what they wanna attempt to take first. Or maybe critters could mark a certain amount of items in their inventory as "protected" that the struggle skill increases the count of to make it harder for the looter to take.

In the games current state of it costing the looter stamina to have a just a chance to take something I would never consider robbing anyone but the most weak of critters for their stuff and if they have a lot in their inventory and I can only maybe take something from them that I can't even pick out then it won't really be properly worth it to even rob them at all.


Fully agree. Quarrel was going to steal and fight because they didn't know how to properly socialize. Ended up changing them for the same reasons. I think it would be interesting if crafters could create "boxes" with locks to hold certain items. They would of course add weight, and there would probably be some kind of lockpicking mechanic. Metal would be heavier but stronger, and wood would be lighter but less sturdy. IDK.

All I know is with the current mechanics, its impossible to resonably steal though any means handed to us, unless the subject is a mouse or very poorly equiped.