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Out of Character

The general forum for discussing Farwoods.
by Aldia Gempaw on Jul 23, 2022 05:43 UTC
Forming an in-game faction? Make a post here! Looking to join a faction? Come see who's recruiting!
by Ollo eo Ollo on Jul 25, 2022 06:14 UTC
If you're looking for someone to do a job, post about it here.
by Saedlyn Mae on Jul 22, 2022 05:11 UTC
Post about anything unrelated to Farwoods here.
by Twip on Jul 20, 2022 06:33 UTC

In Character

If your character keeps a journal that you'd like to share, post it here.
by Neo on Jul 17, 2022 02:34 UTC
For all long-form, out-of-game roleplay. The Code of Conduct applies to roleplay in this forum.
by Quarrel on Aug 04, 2022 04:03 UTC