Lost and confused? Don't know how to do what you want to get done? This is the section for you! These guides will give thorough overviews of their respective elements of the game. If you've just logged in and are staring at an intimidating character creation screen, check out the guide to character creation to begin with. Then, once you're properly in the game, move on to the basics to learn how to play.

If you've got the basics down pat and want to learn more, check out the guides to the control scheme and the user interface to master controlling your character. Or, if there's a specific element of the game you want to dive into more deeply, we've got guides on the crafting system and the combat system for aspiring givers and takers in the game's player-driven economy.

If you're really looking for something interesting and time-consuming, then you might brave the comprehensive magic guide to learn how to harness the incredible power of magic crystals. But beware... this power comes at a cost, and the path won't be an easy one! Crystals are fickle conduits, and their company is not for the faint of heart.

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