Amadeus Songfox, originally named AntonĂ­us Bladepaw, was born into a tribe of northern foxes in a village called Matlin. Matlin specialized in bladesmithing, working the forges kept their little village warm in the biting cold of their tundra home. Amadeus struggled to learn the art of forging and fell behind his peers. In the little free time he had, he took up studying and singing. Amadeus constantly bickered with the village elders, until he was cast out. He wandered in the snow for days. His supplies started to dwindle. It only became worse when he unknowingly walked across some thin ice, falling into a deadly cold river. He floundered, trying to swim out of it, but the current dragged him away and under the ice. He struggled and struggled, but it seemed like he would drown, but then he managed to surface and hold onto a rock jutting out of the river. He would have come down with hypothermia if he had not managed to keep the contents of his bag dry. After more struggling, wandering, and on the brink of starvation, he was found by a wandering troupe who took him in. Eventually, he ended up parting ways with them, making his way to Kalris on his own.