Ollo eo Ollo

It's come to my attention that it's difficult for critters to put enough iron together to create needful iron-intensive goods, like sets of armor which require fifteen pieces at least. I've been hesitant to sell iron too fast, in large part because I find it so rarely and so have anxiety about pricing it too low. A few times when I've sold iron, my client has expressed anxiety about paying too much. So I'm taking steps to solve all these issues!

This week I will sell thirty (30) iron, enough to make two full sets of iron armor as I'm led to understand. I will sell it in lots of five (5), for a total of six (6) lots. I will price the iron lots using a Vickerey auction, which will function like this: you can make up to six offers, each offer at any price you choose, denominated in Riverside Goods store credit tokens. I will take offers until noon on Saturday, June 25. At that time, I will sell to the the six highest offers, at the rate of the seventh highest offer. So, for example, if the seven highest offers were 8, 7, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, then I will fulfill the six highest offers at the rate of 2 per lot.

I hope this mechanism will help ensure I sell all the iron at a broadly affordable price. To reduce the potential for currency exploitation, the owners and contracted agents of Riverside Goods are excluded from this auction.

To make offers, you can post them here or meet me in-person. An in-person offer may give you a market advantage, as public offers are easier to strategically counter by other parties, but as always we're balancing value and convenience. If this goes well, I might try selling some other metals this way too. You probably know if we've talked metals before, I desire to increase the overall enjoyment of metal resources by all critters, so I hope you'll share your ideas about how I should go about that that most fairly and generously, and I thank those critters who have already weighed in.

Ollo eo Ollo (letters by Scritch)