I suppose it's a good use of my time to write down thoughts, since I get a lot of time to myself on this river-crossing. I've been serving the Castle for some time now, taking on tasks as needed, mostly guarding the bridge. A bridge. One of two bridges leading to this northern-island, otherwise inaccessible. It moves too quickly and is too deep to swim through, luckily, even otters wouldn't dare.

But that still means one of the two bridges is left without watch. This has puzzed me more than once. That and the fact I'm too small to really block passage on even my assigned bridge, unless I were to threaten every critter that came by. That was corrected later- my duty is less to control passage and more to keep an eye on it, trying to spot any known trouble-makers. I ought to use the back of this page as a way to log names and appearances- I'm far too bad with faces to be of any use when, days later, I'm asked if someone-or-other has been seen passing through. 

Traffic through the north-end has slowed of late. A few long walks to the Library and its nearby burrows confirmed it isn't because critters have moved on from the area, but that they keep to the south side and have all they need there. That's where most of the new folks show up, after all, and they don't have much reason to go further when there's lodging and food within a few minutes' walk from the safety of the library.  

Maybe I can give them a reason- I got my position because I wanted to do something different, after all. I can offer little, myself. Maybe I'll get good enough at writing I can give out my own Staff-wielding books, and offer lessons in a burrow of my own... but for right now, I'm happy just getting to know the critters who venture this far north, exchanging a greeting, offering food if I remember to keep some on me. I've been told I'm terribly ravenous for such a small squirrel- my rations would hardly be sufficient if it wasn't for a friend's magic keeping me from getting too hungry...