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Ollo eo Ollo

Knowing these terms will help you communicate with other miners!

  • Pebble Therapy: when you use encouraging self-talk to convince yourself that you're not a third-rate miner, because see, look at all these pebbles you're finding!
    Example: "Why's Ollo admiring those pebbles?" -"That's their pebble therapy, it helps them to cope."
  • Goose Egg: when you go out mining and don't find anything. The Kalrisian numeral for "nothing" looks like an egg!
    Example: "Welcome back, Ollo! How many gems did you find on your journey?" -"Zero. Goose egg."
  • Double Pull: when you go to look at minerals, spot two valuable ones all of a sudden, and pick them up with one paw. One of these can make the whole trip worthwhile.
    Example: "I couldn't find a single thing for ten minutes, then I hit a silver double-pull. I'm so glad to be a miner!"
  • Fire Crystal Therapy: see pebble therapy
  • Cracking Good Time: the kind of time you have when you only find cracked gems.
    Example: "How was your trip to Torrus Peak? Find any brilliant opals?" -"Ah no, I had a cracking good time though!"
  • Nothing: the miner's greatest gift. Emptiness. Simplicity. Freedom from burden.
    Example: "I saw you mining down by the river, what did you find?" -[serenely] "Nothing…"


Thank you Ollo for this important information. 


Fire Crystal Therapy is just pebble therapy, but you brought your mage friend along too.

Ollo eo Ollo

The state of our art keeps advancing, so it's time to share some more terminology:

  • Goons: sturdy non-miners who accompany the mining party for the purposes of hauling, intimidation, and good company.
    Example: "How was the Aureas job, I heard you found a lot of stone?" -"Lonely, and most of it's still out there in a pile. Couldn't find any goons."
  • Backlog: the stone and ore-rock a miner has yet to process. This builds up to unmanageable levels without regular stoneworker attention.
    Example: "You've been working hard, surely you've got some some iron to sell me?" -"Nay, it's all in the backlog. Tell the stonefolk to knock my door!"
  • Shattering a Record: when your hard-won rocks set a new record for the number of useless shattered chunks they produce.
    Example: "I saw your stone worker smiling after they got paid. You must have made out!" -"Oh we shattered a record alright."
  • Goonies: see goons, but less-sturdy sorts
  • Purple Stone Dust: the crystal residue left behind by mages who help miners transfer minerals between places.
    Example: "We about done on Mount Torrus?" -"Yep, that's all for today, another few loads and all that'll remain is the purple stone dust."
  • Tin-der: the ritual by which a miner woos new blacksmiths who might turn their metal into fine goods.
    Example: "You mean to leave that pile of tin out in the open?" -"Yes! That's my Tin-der pile. I hope a blacksmith Swipes it Right up."

What would you call a large pile of unattended rocks?

Ollo eo Ollo

A lot of work.