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Most of you at this point are probably familiar with an incident that happened on June 16, where I, Carlos was involved in a big conflict featuring Summon. So, let's talk about Summon and why its effect is too powerful and overcentralizing on the decision making for WHY players choose to hide their true names.

Each spell that has a global effect, like Wind Whisper, Teleport, and Summon require the actual character name of the target. Of these spells, only Summon is far and away the most impactful. If you look at games like DOTA or League of Legends, abilities that displace will almost always be stronger than an aggressive mobility ability of the same distance. The basic reasoning is that displacements isolate an opponent and bring them out of position, compared to dashes which mostly do the opposite and rely on the character being strong in the position afterwards.

If you don't care about other games and remember that Farwoods is a roleplaying game, then I'm here to convince you that Summon is:
1. Global
2. Repeatable
3. An instant win button in conflicts

The summoner can ALWAYS cast on the target, provided they have their name, thus the threat is omnipresent. The caster can eventually get what they want, even at extremely low success rates, because they risk very little aside from shattering. Anyone who has given their true name and is on the opposing side of a high level purple mage WILL be captured or be forced to stay in an anti-teleport saferoom of Mindtraps and over encumberance.

Does that sound like a fair, fun situation, mechanically, or in roleplay?

GM Ethos

The map will be much larger in the beta, and accordingly it will be much harder to summon you if you are not nearby.