Jester Rascal

Allow me to use this board to also openly tell some of my tale in the Old World. I, Jester Rascal, only son of Bear Rascal and Mika Willow, and supposed succesor of the Rascal Clan. 

With this title I suppose some of you critters may think my lineage is of noble heritage but quite the contrary. My family has a long brigand tradition that dates from generations to one predecessor just going by the name Rascal. A brigand clan based in the Woodlands of Hazelmyre, but which influence branches across other forest nations.

Let's just say I wasn't happy with that kind of life and what that kind of future had in store for me. So, in an act of rebellion from that fate I got away from my homeland and wandered the land, pursuing other ventures, carving my own path. I went to pursue more intellectual goals, wandering other forests, hearing tales...

Then it came to my ears words about an island I remembered hearing in old tales when I was a cub. The island of Kalris... home of the long lost Ancient Kalrisian Empire. I saw this as an opportunity and with what little I had left I could buy passage on a boat that would make a stop in the island. Ah but my journey here wasn't easy as were boarded by no less than otter pirates. Then, there we were kneeled in front of them as their captain was inspecting and measuring us, see if we had anything of value on us to steal. He suddenly stopped in front of me, looked straight into my face, as if he recognized something in me. Then as if he had seen a ghost, his eyes opened wide in shock and there he stood for some minutes while his crew was growing impatient about what would our fate be.

At last, he simply turned around to his crew trying to remain calm while saying in a cracked voice... "T-these critters have n-nothing of value on them, w-we shall let them go!". And just as they boarded us, they left leaving us stupefied yet relieved. 

And so, that's how I could finally reach Kalris, and made my way to the legendary Morenth Library. I've established myself quite alright thanks to the warm welcome of the community dwelling here and hope it keeps going long and prosper as it is. 

Still, I feel there's some air of mystery and mysticism on this island. Not sure what it may be just yet but then again, I just hope is nothing either but who knows... the Kalrisian had many wonders in here, no critter knows for certain what wonder from the past we may find such as that crystal in the library. My only hope is that is something for the better of our community and not something out from a nightmare...