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Where a deep forest emerges from a dark one, a keep rises above, a distinguished hill basked in light imposes its command. The little rock where Vitta's bastions invites those willing to venture far.

Go north, follow the light, find a castle.

Hello! The Littlerock fiefdom is based out of a castle to the North out of castle Vitta. It's one of the most established factions with a few leaders, including the Lady Vitta herself and Captain Swevery. Well networked and able to find most basic material necessary in house, it provides new crafters a good place to begin getting off their feet. Beyond crafting it has a nearby barracks for those without a burrow, and a mages college for the more learned types. 

Currently Castle Vitta employs a number of various mages, a smith, material gatherers, and fighters. Inquire with one of the staff there about using the castles services, or if you're interested in joining.

Crafters and mages are always highly valued here, as well as stout warriors. Currently Castle Vitta is seeking
- Tailors
- Mages (Visit the college!)
- Woodcrafters
- Weapon smiths


With the new mentoring system we can now teach beginner mages at the college!


Hello Hodge! If you're reading this, I have a ring for you to empower!


I need my jewelry empowered again Hodge :D