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Soma Caex

Hello Team.

I have a few spell suggestions for Green Magic I think the community might Jam with.

As we know, Grey and Green magic have little spells in the way, but are exceedingly useful for various reasons. 

1)  Empower (But more features) Instead of empower being mostly for gems, have Empower reach to potions and food.  Casting empower on food/potions enhances their flavor/potency, A pie that originally gave a little less than half fullness now gives three-fourths fullness. A potion that is empowered, has it's effects enhanced whether that be duration or stat bonus, or both. Failure fizzles, crit fail destroys items and crystal. 

2) Harden (But MOAR): Harden will harden nuts to iron nuts, wood to iron wood. What if we had harden work on scattered stone? Right now, I don't think they have a purpose, but a green mage can use them to reshape back to regular stone!

3) Fertilize: You can use a little bit of green magic on a gardening plot to enhance the growth of various plants. It will require maintenance throughout the day to upkeep but will speed up a gardeners production by an amount! 

4) Repair Sigil: Not to be confused with the regular repair; you can throw down a Sigil on the floor or counter of a burrow, and any mendable item that's placed on it repairs at a slower rate than a repair spell in exchange for lasting for as long as it's charged. Items taken off or on of the sigil do not break or lose durability. Only one sigil per burrow. 

Let me know what ya'll critters think! 


Wouldn't turning shattered stone back into stone be rolling back time, thus making it more appropriate for gray magic? 🤔