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Six iron in one day, no big deal. Just hot girl things.

Aldia Gempaw

Not bad, Magdalen!!

How long did that take you? Six iron out of potentially 110 plus rocks is quite a nice haul indeed! 

Did you have someone carry them for you? Did you haul them yourself? Curious to learn more!


I hauled all of them myself. Some of the rocks may have been from the previous day but the vast majority were mined that day. I just mined until I reached the limit where I could still move and ran back to my burrow, rinse and repeat. It was 113 chunks in all, ~15 of which were huge (2 iron came from those iirc). So it took probably most of the day, but not really more than I usually spent mining before. It's definitely a lot more active, I had to run around a lot more and it didn't take very long to fill my inventory.


25 huge, 57 big, 24 small, collected over ~2 days

Silver seems pretty difficult to find. Maybe I'm mining the wrong places.