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I've arrived. These isles should be where the Pyre will finally burn at its brightest and stave off the Alpha Dark. My tail bristles with excitement. Just a few things to take care of. It's nice for it to not be a hundred things, for once.

Already met a few nice critters. It's good to make connections so fast. The critters here are kind and generous - eager to help. That's good. I'll try my best to make them understand, as always. They seem more willing to listen than usual.

Haven't seen hide nor hair of the burned badger since I got here. Kat mentioned nobody had seen him in a good long while, but I kinda thought I'd at least hear some rumors or something. Did Kat just miss him, or what? He always had a big presence, didn't he? Hell, he got away from us the first time. I'd at least like to find a body, or something. Think he died? Guess I'll ask around.

I don't really wanna play my cards too early or anything, though. Critters love to skitter away from the light of the Pyre if it burns too bright too fast. Gotta keep it at a nice, low flame for a while. The Pyre will grow regardless.

That's enough for this report. Not much of a report, I guess, but you did ask for weekly updates. You know how much of a hassle it is to get you letters without a blue mage? Didn't you mention a few blue mages on this isle? I'll have to look into it.

May the Evergrowing Pyre keep you safe and warm.

- Kaien



Your correspondence has been acknowledged. Continue to search for any signs of the Burned One. You are not to leave the isles until you have confirmed his whereabouts. Katsudo has recently informed me of a particular mage that may pique your interest and may be amenable to joining the Lighthouse. They are located far to the west, near the shoreline, inside an above-ground tower. Apparently they don't get many visitors. Katsudo reports that the individual has not been seen in some time either.

Continue to report in weekly. May the Evergrowing Pyre keep you safe and warm.

- Hisho, Lighthouse Secretary



fuck you i didn't miss him he's just not here

- kat


A massive, flaming pyre licks at the ceiling of the cavern, desperate to escape its confines. The warmth radiates throughout the complex, shadows of critters flitting about the rooms above starkly pitch-black. Hisho sighs, looking down at the crudely written note Katsudo had just handed her.

📒 You seriously want me to send this to him, Katsudo? This is a waste of my-

🔎 just send it to him why are you being so difficult

📒 Because we have limited-

🔎 he has to know

📒 There is literally nothing important in here that I have not already relayed to him. Go bother Kesho or something. Maybe they'll keep you out of my hair for good...

🔎 how do you even get the letters over there anyway without anyone knowing

📒 Well, I mean... Usually I send you. But we can't really do that right now.

🔎 ok let me go tell him in person then that's way easier and then i get to see his stupid face when i tell him

📒 You know we can't afford that right now. Look, maybe after he-

🔎 this is stupid, why don't we just bolster the isle already, everythings basically already set up

📒 You know as well as I do we can't do that until we apprehend the Burned One again. Or, well, we probably could-

🔎 yeah just let kesho-

📒 Always with Kesho. They're strong, but their strength is not infinite. Do you want the Pyre to grow or not?

🔎 i mean obviously i do yeah

📒 Then just shut up and wait for a bit. Kaien will take care of the Burned One and then we'll all march on over and bolster.

🔎 ok fine but send him the letter

📒 I'm not going to do that.

🔎 fuck you

Katsudo storms out of Hisho's office, intentionally knocking over an end table with her tail as she does. Hisho sighs, diligently moving to tidy her office. She stares out of her window, down at the beautiful approximation of the Evergrowing Pyre. Even this facsimile fills her heart with warmth. She returns to her desk, putting pen to paper again.


(( Uh oh! It's an OOC post. Real quick, I'd like to clarify something about the way Katsudo is written here. ))

(( I wanted to use a writing technique I often use, which is using different ways of typing in order to better express a character's manner of speaking. This is not dissimilar to the way Andrew Hussie writes in Homestuck; it doesn't translate very well in-game, but I think it works well on the forums. ))

(( The main reason I'm clarifying is that, if Katsudo were to say something like "lol", please don't take this diagetically; instead read it similarly to how you might read any other message online. ))

(( I don't really think anyone was worried (and few people read these posts regardless), but I thought it prudent to clarify nonetheless. ))



Very little activity to speak of at the moment. The most I can report is a new crush of mine, which I'm certain you will find quite amusing. If Kat had reported what sort of critters were here, perhaps you would have sent someone else less prone to flights of romance... but, regardless, I am quite enamored with this particular critter. I believe he will listen to me about the Pyre.

As for the Burned One, I have heard little and less. It seems that he has practically passed out of memory, here. The legacy of the Kroven clan seems to have been all but completely stamped out. I will continue to search for definitive proof of his demise, but in the meantime, you may as well consider that matter closed. There are still several leads I have yet to follow up on, but I don't expect them to go anywhere. The old Kroven fort is abandoned as well, sealed off either by the Burned One or the critters of Kalris.

There was also quite a pleasant caroling session I was honored to be a part of. The critters of these isles are so kind and carefree... they deserve to be saved more than most I've met. It fills me with great warmth to know that we will bolster Kalris eventually, and keep them from harm. I only hope I can help enough of them see the light of the Pyre before they turn against us. Please keep Kesho on a short leash for now... I'd like to spend some more time with the aforementioned crush before we bolster the Pyre. If you please.

I will speak to you again by next week. Hopefully by then I'll have made contact with a blue mage who can expedite this process, at which point we can return to daily updates. May the Evergrowing Pyre keep you safe and warm.

- Kaien