Kesho stood in front of the badger, their paw aflame. The badger, tall as a mountain and tougher still, rolled his hammer over his shoulder, snorting quietly. Kesho acted first, as they always did. They leapt forward, quietly calling out.

"Bolster: Pyreclaw."

The badger brought up his hammer's hilt, slamming one end onto his palm for support as he allowed the brunt of the attack to crash into it. Kesho quickly relented, leaping back, drawing their paw behind them.

"Bolster: Flamedance."

They shot their paw into the air, and a column of fire sprung up beneath the badger. Several smaller columns followed, the surrounding area bursting into flame. The badger was enveloped, bellowing out in pain, his scream quickly morphing into a battlecry. Lifting his hammer overhead, he slammed it into the ground with enough force to crack the earth beneath their feet. The resulting shockwave quickly dispelled the flames, allowing the badger the opportunity to charge forward at his assailant.

"Bolster: Pyreguard."

Both of Kesho's arms burst into flame, and they formed an X in front of them, taking the full force of the badger's hammer swinging down upon them. Their teeth gritted, feet digging into the ground beneath, the force of this attack similarly shattering the earth beneath them. Kesho groaned, their flames fiercely licking upwards, lapping at the badger's face. The badger would not relent, forcing his hammer ever closer to Kesho's face.

Finally, Kesho ripped their arms outward, knocking the badger off balance, the flames dispelling. Kesho dropped their arm, calling out "Bolster: Pyreclaw!" once more, paw bursting into flames. They thrust forward, straight into the badger's chest, balking against the iron breastplate. The badger stumbled backwards with a furious roar, the metal's surface already beginning to melt. He swung his hammer from the side, impacting Kesho before they could react, sending them flying into a nearby tree.

On impact, the tree immediately burst into flame, with a cry of pain from the red panda. The badger stood resolute, hammer slung over his shoulder, staring at the flaming tree. The flames rose and rose, a massive fireball forming overhead. Kesho pulled themselves from the tree's hollow carcass, standing on the stump, flames connected from their body to the fireball above. They thrust their paw forward, anger rising in their voice.

"Bolster: World of Flame."

The fireball overhead came slowly crashing down, directly on top of the badger, who could do nothing but brace himself for the flame's impact. The fireball exploded outwards, a shower of flaming wood and leaves, spreading the flames throughout the entire battlefield. Without a moment's hesitation, the red panda followed up, raising both paws to the sky, as if lifting a heavy burden.

"World of Flame: Pyrecoat!"

Kesho lept from the stump and into the dancing flame, coating their body in the fire. The badger stood firm within the flame, ready to receive the red panda's attacks. Kesho raised the paw once more, charging at the badger..

(( probably enough for now sorry! i just had this in my head since last night and wanted to write something self-indulgent!! i guess if people demand it i will write some more but i love writing shonen anime fight scenes so much lmao i wish i could bring them to life the way they look in my head, but i cannot draw :( ))