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GM Ethos

Hello everyone,

As you may have read about on the Discord, we will be holding a large-scale battle event on a special event server with pre-created characters some time next week. Here's the details:

  • Two teams of prebuilt characters of the same interval with appropriate skills and equipment.
  • You will receive a special version of the client to connect to the event server.
  • The event server will retain your normal login information.
  • Your account will be assigned a character and team to maintain balance. Since you'll be engaging actively in combat, each player will only receive a single character.
  • The event will take place in a separate game world and map, so your existing characters/items will not be present.
  • Whichever team downs every member of the opponent team at least once will be the winner.
  • There may be multiple rounds depending on how long it takes and how enthusiastic everyone is.

I would like to get as many concurrent players as possible for this, since it's meant to be a large-scale test of the combat system and various build synergies. So the date and time for this event will be TBD, and I would appreciate anyone interested in attending posting their availability in this thread so we can decide on what day to hold it and when to start. Feel free to ask questions as well.

We would also appreciate participants in this event who can record their games, as we may use this footage for trailers or other promotional videos in the future.


I'm probably a bit of an outlier in terms of schedule - my availability is generally evenings (2000-2400) UTC (I can often catch the opening couple of hours of the scheduled play sessions, for example.)


Saturday doesn't work for me, but any time on any other day is theoretically fine.


Any afternoon works fine for me. Around the same time slot as the current play sessions would be best.


In Eastern Time:

Unavailable Saturday after ~5:00 PM.
Unavailable Tuesday.

I guess I'm probably free most weekdays after 5:00 PM but I would still need to cook dinner.

GM Ethos

Sunday at our usual time would seem likely, then.


I'll be there! Any time Sunday works for me.


Saturdays are a good day for me.

GM Ethos

Only Saturdays? Because that conflicts with quite a few other people.


I can make it just about any day between 11:00 and 00:00 Mountain time.

This post was made by a character that has since been deleted.

If it's conflicting with other people, I do not mind sitting out for this event. Hopefully there's more in the future that I could attend!