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Reasons of why pets would be nice to have include lore reasons, having a place to dump wealth, AND potentally raise mind quicker (companionship bonus!).


Common wild lizard.


Gliding lizards (known commonly as draco lizards).

Bearded lizard?



Lady bug.



Items related to pets:

Perhaps a tank for them made out of quartz, pebbles and logs?

A pouch similar to sugar glider pouches to hold pets, and protect nocturnal pets from the sun.

There are a lot more you could do, but I wanted to keep it simpler.


Reading papers while in display cases would be neat. Main use case I have in mind is for poetry or "historic documents" like treaties etc that would be nice to be able to display. 

Making that possible might also mean making it possible to read a letter on a counter without picking it up, which I think would be handy.


It would be nice if you could empty out the contents of a cup or bowl at any time, the same way you can if you've failed the craft.


Possible magic school: Dreamwalking

Casting puts you to sleep. While sleeping from the spell, you can see the area around you. You can move around an area invisibly (your visible body remains asleep in place), area determined by level of cast. 

A second spell can allow you to manifest an image of yourself with a skill check almost like reverse-hiding (the better the check result, the easier you are to see or the longer it lasts). While manifested, you can talk with waking critters in the area who can see you (if you got a poor check result and they don't see you, then either they don't hear you or it comes out partially garbled).

You can freely see and converse with other dreamwalking critters in the area (secret dream cult meetings!). Maybe there's no language barrier in the dream?

You have no physical effect on the world while dreamwalking (can't attack, pick things up, open doors etc) and your dream form is similarly invulnerable. Maybe physical obstacles don't stop you (e.g. doors, trees, water etc)? Grey sigils create an impassable zone around them in the dream, so they can be used to ward rooms against eavesdropping.

Another spell could cause a named player to also fall asleep and either enter your dream, or you enter theirs. This would be subject to the same sort of consent/resistance as summon etc. If they're brought involuntarily into the dream, then there's some kind of way for them to struggle and leave it, perhaps either by fighting you in-dream, or maybe them clicking the "wake" button makes a check against your cast (on a short cooldown?), and the spell releases them if they succeed. Or, maybe their body is just protected while in-dream? That would enable a dreamwalker bandit to "capture" you, and their buddy could get into position while the dreamwalker explains you're being robbed etc, but you don't just get fleeced automatically as soon as you're asleep. This seems like a similar level of threat to hostile summoning.

Obviously not a fully-fleshed idea, but something that came to me and I figured I'd throw it out there.


Bury Action

  • Allows critters to bury a single item on an outdoor tile. 
  • Can only be used on burrowable tiles.
  • Leaves an "X" that may be picked up by Detection (similar to Hide).
  • Consumes mind.

Dig Action

  • Rolls a chance for critters to dig up a buried item.
  • Consumes Mind.

Something like this might be useful for nomad characters, without cheapening the experience. It also encourages exploration, giving curious critters a chance to snoop around for buried loot across the map. Could make for fun treasure hunts, if someone wanted to leave a riddle behind.

By making digging a roll of the dice, a critter may give up on a spot where something is hidden, allowing for someone else to check the same spot and be awarded for their persistence. It also prevents people from plucking on every tile they step across and instead devote their time to investigating likely treasure sites.

This post was made by a character that has since been deleted.
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