Language: Mellic
Bonuses: +8 STR, +4 FORT, -1 INT
Skills: Fossorial Charge

Badgers are large, hulking creatures, feared and respected by other races. Their incredible strength makes them natural smiths, and they can be found working anvils all over Kalris. It also makes them natural fighters; travelers rest easy under the protection of a badger. They don't have a reputation for being particularly smart, however.



Language: Vulpic
Bonuses: +4 PROW, +4 FORT, +2 CRFT, +1 INT
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

Foxes are clever, nimble creatures, generally preferring cunning over brute strength despite their large size. They are a versatile lot that can be seen hawking goods, picking pockets, and clashing weapons in equal measure.



Language: Erinaic
Bonuses: +7 FORT, +3 PROW, +1 STR
Skills: Quills

Sturdy and bristling, hedgehogs have a reputation as a force not to be messed with. They are often seen lending their natural protection to others, but they are a flexible sort that take up many occupations.



Language: Martic
Bonuses: +4 STR, +3 INT, +2 DEX, +2 FORT
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

Large, strong, and intelligent, martens make as many warriors as poets and scholars. They tend to fill many niches, from homesteading to banditry. Just don't confuse them for weasels, or you're liable to offend them.



Language: Murian
Bonuses: +8 INT, +2 DEX, +2 PROW, -1 STR
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

Tiny in size, mice have a reputation for being weak but brilliant. They are often picked on by other races, but many mice have proven themselves capable fighters, turning their small stature and nimbleness into strengths in combat.



Language: Lutrini
Bonuses: +5 STR, +4 INT, +2 FORT
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

A physically large and imposing species with uncommon intelligence, otters tend to be reclusive and keep to the sea and shores. Those that venture into the domains of land critters are friendly, but pirate gangs of otters are known to attack ships traveling to and from Kalris.



Language: Lapin
Bonuses: +6 DEX, +4 LUCK, +2 PER, -1 STR

Rabbits are known for their incredible swiftness and uncanny luck compared to other species. Lacking a racial skill, they nonetheless thrive by simply living more auspiciously than other races — they are more or less the only race with a natural Luck bonus. Some say the winds of fortune smile upon rabbits out of compassion for their many enemies.



Language: Procyese
Bonuses: +6 INT, +3 PER, +2 CRFT
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

Raccoons are generally considered to be both book-smart and cunningly inventive in ways other races can't match. They seem to view the world differently from other races, and have historically been instrumental to the economy and infrastructure of Kalris.



Language: Rodensi
Bonuses: +4 PROW, +4 DEX, +2 INT, +1 LUCK
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

Larger and more capable than their smaller rodent cousins, rats don't have quite the reputation for intelligence that mice have, but they are nonetheless smart and skillful critters. They're even sometimes considered a good luck charm.



Language: Mephis
Bonuses: +6 PROW, +3 DEX, +1 PER, +1 FORT
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

Skunks are a bright-eyed, sturdy sort with a reputation for keeping to themselves. They're also known as the sort of critter not to be messed with by all but the brave and foolhardy.



Language: Sciurric
Bonuses: +6 DEX, +2 INT, +2 PER, +1 CRFT
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

Squirrels are generally known as very nimble, clever creatures with a disinterest in fighting. Notable squirrels tend to be well-known, because they travel so far and so often.



Language: Nivalis
Bonuses: +6 PROW, +4 DEX, +1 CRFT
Skills: Tail Sweep, Tail Slap

Weasels are small, energetic creatures prone to arrogance and belligerence. They are good critters to know, and poor enemies to make.


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